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  • En Africa ?

    Pasamos la tarde “en Africa” con los niños…


    El sabado y domingo, estuvimos pasandola muy bien en casa y jugando en el jardin…

    Olivia comiendo crepes
    En el jardin

    Y a que se nota un inconfundible estilo en el corte de pelo de ambas niñas!

  • photo web site

    New web site to display my photos!

  • Ponte vecchio comic

    Some pictures near el ponte vecchio in Florence, Italy.
    I have post processed the photographs with Photoshop to obtain a comic look.

    Ponte vecchio
  • HDR pictures

    Recently made some HDR pictures. Pretty cool!

  • Una patita feliz !

    (foto tomada hace does meses en Colombia)

  • Oranje flower

    Oranje flower
    Originally uploaded by pabfou
    Picture of oranje flower, cropped and artistic effect in photoshop

  • Creative license ?

    I stumbled on to the web site of Greg Apodaca today. He showcases work he has done for design studios, manipulating photoshop images to make a person look better or younger. It is pretty amazing to see what one can do to alter the original photograph, even without letting the viewer know… Read the rest of this entry »